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GLORY Series

The Cross arguably is the best-known symbol in the world! To Cecilia, The Cross has inspired her to a different level : “The Cross to me should have another look besides a traditional one.”  She designed her own cross, developed into a pendant of a necklace named Glory, which then became the logo of her creations!

DARKNESS TO THE LIGHT UV Protecting Cream(30ml)

SeeCeciStreet 第一瓶防曬乳液, 採用日本廠方專利技術 NutroxSun 配方而成。NutroxSun 是一種從柑橘類水果(葡萄柚)和迷迭香葉提取物中提取的成分,含有多種天然多酚。在控制因紫外線照射而產生的活性氧的同時,還可通過抗炎作用來治療由曬傷和皮膚老化引起的斑點。100%日本制造

Darkness To the Light Series

Painting Series